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Midstream Processing Systems

Here are some systems commonly provided by Tulsa Combustion. We have a successful record of integrating the functions of multiple systems for the purpose of increased efficiency and/or reduced footprint. Such designs are described by the term CPU© - Combined Processing Units.

Skidded Dehydration, Amine and Cryogenic Treatment Units

• Amine Reboilers     • Hot Oil Systems     • Indirect Heaters

• Direct-fired Heaters    • Reaction Furnaces    • Tail Gas Incinerators

• Heat Exchangers/Reboilers     • Heat Recovery Units

• High-performance Burners     • Molecular Sieve Units

• Glycol Dehydration Units  • Glycol Reboilers 

• Glycol Offgas (BTEX) Units   • Heater Treaters   • Fired Systems

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