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Facility Highlights


Tulsa Combustion’s In-house facilities:

Approximately 100,000 square feet of manufacturing space

•Rail access

•More than seven acres of fabrication area

•Main bay with three 15-ton overhead cranes and 6 jib cranes

•Remaining bays with six 5-ton overhead cranes and 19 ft. hook


•800-amp sub arc welder with 16 x 16 manipulator

•Radial arm plasma

•Weld lathe

•Plate rolls 5/8” x 10”

•Turning rolls


•850 SCFM compressor for sandblasting

•Paint booth with air and airless equipment

•16 jib cranes (1/2 ton and 4 tons)

•Fork trucks to 30,000 lbs. capacity

•Refractory mixers and placement equipment

•Refractory tile shop

•Milling and drilling systems

•Non-destructive examination equipment

•Raw materials inventory, including carbon steel, common grades of

stainless steel, alloys (including P91), titanium, Monel, and aluminium

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